Spring has sprung in full force here in the South. I love this time of year. Posey has spent the past two weekends helping me plant our garden. She was delighted to discover lots of worms when she dug her holes (and so was I because I took it as a sign of healthy soil). I’m a sucker for time-lapse and this beautiful French video ushers in spring so nicely!

What kind of flowers and wildlife are you seeing where you live? Bluebonnets and cardinals are all around us here and irises in every shade of the rainbow are going strong too. We spend a lot of time outdoors right now because we’re in that short but sweet window before blistering hot summer comes and we park it at the splash pad and pool. In addition to disturbing worms, we like walking to our awesome neighborhood park, visiting the botanic garden, and having picnics.

Hike it Baby recently shared this cute graphic with outdoor activity ideas to do with children (although I think anyone’s inner child would enjoy these). We’re planning to do over the next month. Want to join us? I’m a tech dinosaur (still working out many kinks on the website and I still own and I haven’t given into the smartphone revolution yet). But I’ll share our progress here and on the FOTB instagram account (if I can figure it out) & I’d love to see yours! #fotbspringdiary 🌱


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