Why Am I Doing This?

grey ocean

Photo by Mossy

I’ve decided to add another blog to the deep sea of internet ramblings to discuss, among other things, some of the adventures and coping skills I encounter on my parenting journey. It will partly serve as a time capsule for me to look back on as my daughters grow and an outlet for me to sneak in some quiet, creative Mommy time in between tantrums, cuddles, and diaper changes.

I’m currently writing at 38 weeks pregnant, in the middle of a Texas summer, with sweat rolling down my arms and my swollen grapefruit ankles propped up on pillows. Nice image huh? Hopefully I don’t electrocute myself on the keyboard before this post is through.

I’ve found myself turning to many parenting blogs over the last 2 years. This became important especially when Posey suddenly became very ill and was hospitalized for a week and words like biopsy and cancer suddenly became part of our vernacular. She, thank God, is completely healthy and happy today. But during that 9 months or so of questioning, worry, and exhaustion, finding warm voices out there in cyberspace kept me sane through many sleepless nights.

Some blogs I return to again and again for their comic relief, some for inspiring articles on faith and lifestyle, some for frugal tips, and others for recipes. We all wear many hats, so I collect these favorite blogs like favorite teas to hit the spot depending on my mood. When I decided to start a blog, I hesitated because I wasn’t sure what my focus would be. I may write about music one week (as I add to my gallery of themed playlists), and share tales from the parenting trenches or favorite recipes the next. I’ll try to follow where the wind (or breath if you’re grokking the site title) blows me.


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